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Catalina Marketing, a data solution giant in the mass market industry.


Project 1: Coupon Network televised ad campaign


How to bring humanity back to the client experience to promote the Coupon Network app in a TV campaign?


New Tone Studio conceived, realized and promoted the « Scanning means winning  » ad campaign to promote the Coupon Network on television.

The idea was to divert traditional advertising towards a more emotional communication using a cinematic “Love Actually” style treatment by filming different moments in a couple’s life to create strong ties that the public can identify with.

We also realized the media accompaniment with strategy and media purchases by diffusing a film before the “William à midi” (William at noon) program on channel C8 (Canal + group). The spot was also diffused on M6.

Project 2: Social Media Strategy and LinkedIn accompaniment


In the era of digital communication and ambassadorship, Catalina wanted to reinforce its social networks through three main components : 

  • Increase its notoriety and develop its audiences

  • Editorialize and animate its social networks to create BtoB commitment

  • Generate attractiveness for new prospects, engage its in-house teams and create ambassadors


From storytelling to ambassadorship

By reinforcing its brand storytelling and developing an editorial identity, New Tone Studio was able to position Catalina as a true “trendsetter” in the retail marketing & data sector. 

Results : 


40% more subscribers on Catalina’s LinkedIn page after 12 months of our support

Subscribers increased from 7,300 to 11,828 on the LinkedIn page for 2019

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