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Originally mobilized around donations of umbilical cord blood, the Foundation of Ramsay Santé (Ramsay Healthcare) is committed to a Preventive Healthcare approach.

This is a coherent choice for a Group whose position as a health provider is to boost, bring together and lead a community of generations convinced that prevention is the best way to maintain good health throughout one’s lifetime.

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How to modernize the image of the Ramsay foundation on Facebook and launch its Instagram community?


We developed a new, unique identity for the Ramsay Foundation and played the role of creative director to autonomously delve into and analyze the group’s social networks.

We manage their social networks and sponsoring on an everyday basis (on Facebook and Instagram)

Sur Facebook

Social media plays a strategic role to help position the Ramsay Foundation as an inspirational guide in terms of health and well-being to reach a more varied, expanded public.

September 2019 – February 2020 evolution

Facebook :

- Rate of commitment : +320%
- Organic reach : +13%
- Paid reach : +176%
- Subscribers : +2% 

Instagram :

- Organic reach : +3%
- Subscribers : +16%

Sur Instagram

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