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The Fuchs Group develops and commercializes lubricants and other products associated with them. New Tone Studio was asked to realize an Employer Brand video.


Employer Brand Video


Make an under 3-minute video for the Employer Brand Fuchs. The objective was to :

  • Enhance the Employer Brand and its local marketing while reflecting the Group’s values

  • Reach all collaborators to improve international growth

  • Recruit new talents adapted to Fuchs’ core business


New Tone Studio followed a Fuchs employee to retrace his history and evolution.

Thus, through the captivating story of Victor, the Employer Brand could communicate on a variety of subjects.


Social Media

How to promote Fuchs’ products and company news with its BtoB partner network and enhance its image as an employer brand?


Roll-out of a LinkedIn strategy including :

- Defining an editorial line (Tips, Inside information) to organize the different speakers

- Realizing Fuchs visual identity to facilitate the identification of the brand’s posts

- Setting up an acquisition strategy by targeted sponsorship campaigns

- Realizing a video to promote the employer brand


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