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Poulpeo is a cashback app. It lets users be partially reimbursed for things they have purchased.

In 2019 Poulpeo developed a new service: in-store cashback.



To launch its in-store cashback program, the client wanted to reinforce its brand image and create an identity around its mascot Poulpeo with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of users for its app.

For the brand, this meant recruiting potential qualified leads OR clients that just signed up on Poulpeo’s web site.


New Tone Studio suggested creating an animated web series featuring Poulpeo with the goal of converting prospective clients.

We also organized a complete package around a web series :

- Work on the editorial strategy and diffusion plus a strategy for generating leads

- Conception and production of episodes including a teaser

- Organize the media and social networks to create commitment from the community

- Selection and mobilization of influencers for Facebook and Instagram

Thanks to numerous episodes that let the internaut travel to a variety of imaginary universes, spectators can discover the Poulpeo character who will save the day for viewers thanks to the cashback program.

A true entertainment program in the style of Brand Entertainment, the web series can exist independently from the brand.

New Tone’s eye

New Tone Studio takes inspiration from methods used in the entertainment industry.  


The pre-production file lets the client react in advance to key elements for conceiving a format: objectives, inspiring best practices, scenarios, selection of graphic trends, production work plan, methods of diffusion.


In the case of the “Poulpeo will save you” web series, we worked as if we were producing a cartoon for the movies: writing a scenario with dialogue, working on a storyboard and doing technical editing, developing a character bible, selecting actors to record the voice-overs, working on the animation to bring the action to life.

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