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The SoLocal Group, formerly PagesJaunes (Yellow Pages) is a company that researches information, puts people in touch with each other and does local advertising.

With the group, New Tone Studio created the Idées Locales (local ideas) web site as a daily source of inspiration for companies in the local economy.



How to optimize visibility and reinforce the brand’s relationship with its ecosystem of companies and new clients?

New Tone Studio was asked to enhance the brand:

  • Rethink the platform

  • Create an inspirational blog

  • Conceive a mobile app

    Produce editorial content, photos and videos (almost 50 articles and theme subjects, 10 videos including a teaser, 10 graphic design and Motion Design videos

  • Accompanying photos

  • Mobilization of digital influencers to make the content go viral

  • UX/UI Design of the mobile app/web site


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